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Camden Tadhg
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Hi everybody.  I'm Camden Tadhg.  You may know me as the person whe sends you a million annoying LSYC-related emails :)  I'm NOT the chair of this committee!  That is very exciting since I have managed to become the chair of the Website Committee, the ASCLA Interest Group, the Logistics Team, and the Membership Committeee, which just seems a little ridonculous.

I am the Youth Institutions Consultant for the Colorado State Library which basically means I help the Division of Youth Corrections (DYC), the Department of Corrections (DOC), the Colorado Mental Health Institute (CMHI), and the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) run their libraries for youth who reside in state-run institutions.  There are 10 public DYC facilities, 1 youth DOC facility, 1 youth CMHI facility and 2 libraries at CSDB.   My libraries run the gamut from an oversized closet full of books run by a volunteer to a two story 21st century school library facility staffed with a certified school media specialist.  My populations include both pre and post adjudicated youth and youth who are not involved in the judicial system and range in size from 19 to 280 youth.


I am super excited about national standards!

Jennifer Sweeney

Hi folks,
Just getting caught up here with LSYC stuff. Unlike the rest of you who do real productive work actually helping kids, I teach LIS at Drexel and do some management consulting for libraries... so why am I here you rightly wonder? Well I compiled a lot of information on libraries and library programs for kids in custody in a book recently (Literacy: A Way Out for At-Risk Youth) which you will not find on the NYT bestseller list but which (I hope) has some useful information for LIS students and others interested in the topic. I'm happy to lead a conversation on the library standards, and what direction our activism on a possible revision should take. I am more or less clueless about any organizational politics surrounding who does what in ALA so you can expect me to put my foot in my mouth more often than not.

We should probably post the current standards somewhere where we can get to them. I'll look into that. Perhaps a Dropbox folder. The stds are under ALA copyright so we can't just post them. Alas.
PS what's the different between a Comment and a +Post here? Does it matter?

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