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Proposing a book

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Proposing a book

Hi there,

I'm curious as to how to propose a book for your listing. I wrote a YA novel about a girl navigating abuse and neglect with her mom, a drug addict. The book is called Between families. It follows the life of Seffra Morgan, 12, as she navigates a chaotic living situation with her drug-addicted mother. Through a series of events she ends up removed from her home, living in a residential treatment center. There she struggles to find her way amid the control the institution exerts over her every decision. It is an alternative coming of age story in which Seffra must learn to live without the thing she desires most: her mother's love and attention. The facility provides a number of important connections to Seffra. The depiction is gritty and realistic and comes with the language used by the kids I knew who lived in that setting.

My background before the book was that I had been a special education teacher in residential treatment. I then worked as a caseworker at social services before going on to get a master's degree in writing. I'd love a site like this to take interest in this book in order to help it find its way to the right audience.

I can provide professional reviews and more information if that is of interest to this group.

I also travel minimally (I have a full time job and 2 kids and a significant skiing addiction,) and talk to advocacy groups about the ACE score and the kids I've known as well as the book.

Please feel free to contact me for more information!

Karin Mitchell

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